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Hungarian Reference Books

On this web page you will find Hungarian Book links that range from Dictionary to Conversation to Hungarian Grammar. Although not all of them will be needed or suited to your kind of learning, they will give you some idea to the types of Hungarian books available in 2017.

NOTE WELL: I buy my Hungarian books in Szeged, Hungary whereby they are at least half the price of the same Hungarian books sold in London, UK and on Amazon (UK). So it is worth shopping around.

Magyar OK

The Magyar OKMagyar OK book series teach you Hungarian grammar from A1+ to A2+. They include exercises on Hungarian suffixes and grammar in general and have accompanying Audio FilesAudio Files, Study MaterialStudy Material and Study AnswersStudy Answers!

Hungarian Grammar

Practical Hungarian GrammarPractical Hungarian Grammar is one of the main Hungarian Grammar books used by students in Hungary. It is well worth the price and covers the major topics and exercises you would expect to find in such a book.

Hungarian Dictionary

The Akadémiai DictionaryAkadémiai Dictionary can be bought as one large dictionary (Magyar & English) or as a half dictionary (English<>Magyar or Magyar<>English); saving you money and space if you only need to buy one part.

Learn Hungarian Books/CD

This 6 Books and 3 Audio CDs - (Learn Hungarian 11, Learn Hungarian 22 and Learn Hungarian 33) - 'Learn Hungarian' series by Péter Durst comprise of 3 levels of learning. Each level has 1 Coursework book, 1 Exercise book and 1 Audio CD.

Although these are grammar books, they are made fun with drawings and varied exercises. Two things to note though: 1) You need basic knowledge of Engish grammar (i.e. Personal Pronouns, Verbs and In/Definite) and 2) Understanding of basic Hungarian words and sentences. So study these books after learning around 500 Hungarian words and sentences.

It is worth noting that some Magyar>English books, meant primarily for Hungarian students, also work well vice versa. Picture dictionaries are an example.

Also worth noting are the book prices. Where possible, buy them in Hungary simply because prices in the UK for example are double if not treble. Example: One Péter Durst book set currently costs 5,500 HUF (£14.66) in Szeged, Hungary whereas in London, UK it costs £31.50 (11,812 HUF). The same with the above Dictionary. In Szeged it costs 2,350 HUF (£6.26) and in the UK it costs £20.99 (7,871 HUF).

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