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Hungarian Dialogue - Talking To A Child

Below T√ľnde and I have created an everyday conversation (dialogue) that I use when talking to my step-son with regards to getting him ready for school, playing in the park and so on.

If you have children or are visiting your in-laws who have children for example, the conversation (dialogue) below is ideal for you. It concentrates on playing with a child in the park as well as communicating with a child.

NOTE - There are no pronunciation notes in this section of the website simply because, by this time, you should know how to pronounce Hungarian words; especially as some of the sentences below will already be on this website. Furthermore: I have added some extra everyday sentences to the dialogue, that reflect how you would have a real conversation with a Hungarian; as opposed to being general 'I can get by with the basics' sentences.

The Dialogue

Going Shopping
Talking To A Doctor