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On this web page you will find YouTube video links to Hungarian language tutorials, from native Hungarians, native Hungarian teachers and non-native Hungarian teachers. Many of them teach basic phrases, perhaps with Hungarian pronunciation, while others explain certain aspects of Hungarian grammar.

With these videos being FREE, do NOT expect a full-on Hungarian course from any of them; especially when they are FREE. However, do expect to gain valuable grammar and pronunciation information from them.


After watching and listening to many Hungarian language resources (such as audio tapes, podcasts and YouTube videos), with Hungarian friends at my side, we noticed that too many of the language teachers/speakers producing those audio/video resources did NOT speak clearly and/or slowly enough for the absolute beginner; which is a stupid mistake to make.

They all made the common mistake of thinking an absolute beginner's ear can easily understand a newly spoken word at normal speed (100 mph), when they should have realised that an absolute beginner's ear will have never heard that new word before and therefore would need to hear it spoken clearly and slowly, syllable-by-syllable, for the first couple of times.


On top of this, many videos also had music playing in the background; which is another stupid idea. As a learner, you want to hear the teachers/speakers voice only of course. The videos by Dolores KostićDolores Kostić are an example. Some of her videos had their sound muted because of copyrighted music infringements. The irony is that she made some good videos.


As a result of the above said, I have only listed the better videos below (in no particular order); mentioning their main good points as well as their main bad points, but only if they have any bad points worth mentioning. In other words, you will never find the perfect language video(s).

Hungarian Tutor

The Hungarian TutorHungarian Tutor videos are few, and one year old, but do provide clear pronunciation and useful tips about living in Hungary. Best videos include: Hungarian AlphabetThe Alphabet, Hungarian NumbersNumbers, Hungarian GreetingsGreetings and In The HouseIn The House.

Hungarian Tutor

The 20+ Hungarian ProjectHungarian Project videos are split into 3 series and aimed more at Hungarian grammar than conversational Hungarian. Don't let this put you off though as the author explains in a comically way! Worth following.

Hungarian Tutor

The Hungarian Pod 101Hungarian Pod 101 video series are professional language videos covering listening, conversation and video flash cards. Although excellent, you might find some presenters speaking too fast for absolute beginners.

Justin Decker

The Hungarian GrammarJustin Decker series of Hungarian grammar videos are a great example of how to teach the absolute beginner about Hungarian grammar. His explanation of vowel harmony in particular is excellent.

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